FG Series Loading and Sorting System FG 1250 and FG 1500

FG 1250

Muratec’s latest FG-Series cell loader system brings sheet metal automation to new levels in flexibility by adopting advanced servo control technology for axis drive, programmable parts stacking patterns and integrated Fanuc based FMS control system.

Micro Jointless Parts Production

FG-Series loaders remove finished parts processed by punch press or laser cut and are neatly sorted and stacked on the finished parts pallet. The system enables micro jointless parts production.

Expandable Loader Arm and Parts Unloading

The loader arms are expandable to suit the different sheet and parts sizes. Additional vacuum pads can be used for very large size parts pick-up.

expanded arm position

Unloading – Fully automatic, reliable and stable parts handling

retracted arm position

Multi-pads are provided on the loader arm for efficient pick-up of finished parts.

  • Small size and hole intensive parts can be easily picked up
  • Non-ferrous parts pick-up is possible
  • Enables pick-up of various shaped parts

multi pad load arm

Unloading – Fully automatic, reliable and stable parts handling

FG-Series cell loaders enable programmable, flexible stacking patterns as per customer requirements.
Example stacking patterns
A: Stacking as per nested layout
B: Stacking as per product group
C: Stacking as per next process

Stacking Patterns

Space Saving Compact Design

The loading, unloading and skeleton stations are located on the right side of the punch press to enable compact design floor plan. The worksheet manual loading/ unloading is also possible from the left side of punch press.

FG Main Specifications
Specifications FG 1250 FG 1500
Blank Sheet Size (Maximum) 4′ X 8′[1250mm X 2500MM]
4′ X 10′ [1250mm X 3050mm]
5′ X 10′ [1525mm X 3050mm]
Sheet Thickness 0.024″ – 0.177″ [0.6mm – 4.5mm] 0.024″ – 0.125″ [0.6mm – 3.2mm]
Sheet Weight (Maximum) 242 lbs. [110 kgs.] 265 lbs. [120 kgs.]
Stack Weight (Maximum) 2.2 tons [2.0 metric tons] 2.2 tons [2.0 metric tons]
Stack Height (Maximum) 10.2″ [260mm] 10.2″ [260mm]

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