Auto-Sert AS-7.5 Auto-Touch Insertion Press

auto touch hardware insertion machine

The AS-7.5 Auto-Touch hardware insertion machine is equipped with a touch screen and software to make your hardware insertion process easier and more reliable.

Touch Screen: PC Based Touch-Screen Controller 12.1” Color Touch Screen, 800 X 600 Resolution, 3.2 GB Hard Drive, 16 MB Ram, Intel Pentium 166 MHz Processor, Ethernet Port, External Floppy Port, Mouse and Keyboard Ports, External Monitor Port. Power Input – 24 VDC, CE and NEMA 4/12 Compliant.

Software: Lookout™ Software

  • Fastener Library automatically sets pressure and dwell by selecting hardware.
  • Program Management Screen allows operator to save up to 1,000 jobs by number and description.
  • Saves Tonnage, Dwell, Ram Stroke, Air-On Timer, Batch Counter Reset and Operation Modes.
  • Security Lockout for Operator Mode and Set-up Mode.
  • Maintenance Screen displays Running Stroke and Hour Timers for monitoring maintenance schedules.
  • Windows 95 Operating System.
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Uniform Hydraulic Pressure by Design: No variation in pressure from heat build-up. Hardware installed uniformly in thin, soft aluminum parts at low-pressure range down to 350 lbs. Force. To install ¼-20 studs in stainless steel, the Auto-Sert AS-7.5 has capacity-with power to spare.

Reliable Safety System: Redundant Safety System internally monitored by a micro-controller. Very sensitive pressure sensing device used, plus ¼” window of safety before full tonnage is applied by press. Operator can work faster with confidence.

20” Throat Depth Vertically and Horizontally: Design allows less restriction of movement around ram. 2” steel center mainframe. (Larger throat depth of 36” available at 7.5 and 10 tons)

Quick Change Tooling: Minimal tools needed for tooling change.

Built In Dwell Timer and Fastener/Batch Counters: Dwell allows time for material flow to form a stronger clinch with fastener. Can be set from 0 – 1 second in tenths. Excellent for stainless steel applications. Fastener and batch counters keep track of number of hardware in each part and part production.

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