HK FS 3015 Fiber Laser

2d Fiber laser cutting machine

Features & Functions

  • 2KW fiber laser resonator (higher powers available as an option)
  • Siemens 840D SINUMERIK control
  • Light weight cutting bridge with the synchronized dual servo motors
  • Quick change non-contact cutting head
  • Durable and rugged rack & pinion motions system
  • Rapid traverse speed 6700 IPM with 1.5G acceleration
  • 15” flat panel touch screen
  • 512MB memory with 40GB HDD
  • Cutting feed rate up to 1000 IPM
  • Lens protective glass
  • Open / close roof design
  • Automatic regulator systems for three (3) assist gases
  • Built-in cutting database

Design & Structure

  • Laser beam generated and delivered through the fiber optic cable
  • 70% energy savings by fiber laser compared to CO2 laser
  • No need for laser gas
  • Cuts thin materials 2-3 times faster than CO2 laser systems
  • No need for optical mirrors to deliver the laser beam to the cutting head
  • Cuts exotic materials including copper and brass
  • Simple & modular fiber laser source

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