HK PL 3015 Fiber Laser

The World’s Most High Dynamic & Versatile Fiber Laser Cutting System

han-kwang PL 3015 Fiber laser

Features of the HW PL 3015 Fiber Laser

Innovative Flying-optics Gantry Design

  • Center-Drive Gantry System
  • Aero Dynamic Engineering with Ultra light & Laser-welded Structure
  • 2G Acceleration and High-Speed Cornering

Unprecedented High-dynamic Cutting for Intricate Shapes

  • 2G Acceleration and High-speed Cornering feature
  • Maintain the Perfect Accuracy with High-speed Cutting

Side Door Style Open Structure

  • Easy Access to the Work Area
  • Rotary axis for Tube Cutting available as an Option
  • Fiber resonator and Electrical Cabinet All Built-in into Main Frame
  • Compact Layout and Easy & Cost-effective to transport

Rotary axis for Tube cutting (Optional)

  • Tube cutting up to 11.8”, Feed-thru Dia up to 6.0”
  • Package solution including Rotary axis, Tailstock and Software

Compact Floor Plan

  • Built-in Laser & Electrical Cabinet
  • Small Footprint and Easy to ship & Install

Heavy-Duty Machine Structure

  • 44,000 lbs of heavy-duty structure to provide the solid vibration-free base for
    high-speed motion system
  • Specially designed gantry column and material to maximize the gantry
    speed with excellent accuracy
  • Anchor free installation

Watch a Video on the HK PL3015 Fiber Laser

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