HK Tube Laser Cutting System TL7525

High-speed Processing for Heavy-duty tubes up to 25’ Long and 9.8” Diameter

han kwang tube laser tl7525

Hankwang takes the next big step forward the fully automated tube laser cutting systems with introduction of TL7525. TL7525 is the high-speed & high-precision heavy-duty tube laser cutting system with either 2kw Fiber laser or 2.5kw CO2 laser resonator. Incorporated with HanKwang’s exclusive tubing software and fully controlled
by a single CNC controller, Series TL7525 will provide unmatched productivity to your business and operation.

The HW TL7525 Features

  • Fiber 2.0KW or CO2 2.5KW laser resonator
  • Capacity up to 24.5’ long and 9.8” diameter
  • Including Fully automated loading & part removal system
  • Weld Seam Detector
  • Designed for heavy-duty tube cutting application
    • Max Tube Weight up to 600 lbs
    • Max Bundle weight up to 11,000 lbs
  • High speed motion system driven by SIEMENS840D
    • X axis 3,940 ipm
    • Y & Z axis 2,362 ipm
    • A axis 900 deg/sec

Offline Tubing Software – SigmaTUBE

  • GUI Conforms to SolidWorks Environment
  • Intuitive Arrangement of Tools and User Interface Provides a Hassle-Free Programming Environment
  • Wizard Guides User along each Programming Step
  • Automatic Cut-Out Recognition
  • Automatic/Interactive Toolpath & NC Code Generation
  • 3D Toolpath Simulation Displays: Tube, Cutting Head, and Machine
  • Automatic Geometry Compensation for Normal to Surface Cuts
  • Tabbing
  • Automatic, Manual, and True Shape Nesting
  • Cutting & Marking
  • Torch Radius Compensation
  • Support for Weld Preparation
  • Variable Cutting Conditions Supported for Ramping on Knuckles
  • Automatic/Interactive Sequencing of Cutting Path
  • High-End Graphical Interface Provided to Edit the Tilt, Rotor, and Chuck Values when Tooling Intricate shapes
  • Collision Detection between Part and Torch

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