Accurpress Edge Press Brake

accurpress edge press brake

Accurpress Edge Press Brake

The Accurpress Edge is engineered with finesse and to the demanding standards of all Accurpress products. This press brake is suited for the precision market looking for Y1/Y2 technology with affordability. The Edge is manufactured in select tonnage ranges and is available with the Accurpress Premium backgauge as well as additional specific options such as integrated crowning and hydraulic bed and ram tool clamping.

  • Synchronized, high speed forming via advanced Hoerbiger closed-loop hydraulics
  • Utilizing one compact central manifold to offer excellent repeat and positioning accuracies with low pressure losses and high power density
  • Ram repeat accuracy of +/- 0.0004″
  • Ram position accuracy of +/- 0.0004″

accurpress vision control

New Touch Screen “Vision” Control for Accurpress Press Brakes

  • Bend Guru specifies the measurements and calculations you need to make a proper bend. No more calipers, it’s done automatically
  • Instantaneous Bend Sequencing finds the bend sequence you need in milliseconds.
  • Exhaustive Sequence Search runs through every bend sequence gives you the best possible bend solution and lets you know if the bend on the blue print is even possible

Watch a Short Video on the Accurpress Vision Control

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Advanced Electronics Technology

  • Programmable ram tilt +/- 0.500°
  • Linear encoders using a chromed glass scale with output signals less than 0.0002° resolution resulting in real time ram positioning
  • Electrical cabinet design complies with ANSI B11.3 and Canadian Z142/02 standards
  • Simplified layout of the electrical cabinet allows for reduced wiring, easy maintenance and troubleshooting
  • Integrated Safety PLC provides reliable monitoring of all safety related functionality of the press brake such as: E-Stop, safety valves, foot and palm switches

Lubo-graphite, Ways-system Technology

  • Ram stability is maintained via a solid ways-system mounted on the outside of the press brake side frame
  • Lubo-graphite impregnated components provide long-term stability with minuscule maintenance

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