RAS FLEXIbend Folding Machine

RAS Flexibend Folding Machine

With the RAS FLEXIbend Folding Machine there are almost no limitations to your imagination, when you want to create unique, complex parts with a high level of added value for your customers. Flexibility is the key for new products that will help you outperform your competition in the future. If your operation requires complex precision parts, including boxes, pans, enclosures, and panels, and you must have high levels of productivity and throughput at an affordable price, then the FLEXIbend is the machine for you!

Benefits of the RAS FLEXIbend Folding Machine

  • Integrated Backgauge and Sheet Support System
  • Touch screen control allows for easy part programming
  • Extreme resistance to deflection and torsion due to deep box design

The Upper Clamping Beam

First, you will realize an abundance of free space in front of the beam. Equally generous free areas behind the beam let your operators see the tools when folding large parts from the rear. The upper beam opens to 300 mm (11.81”). The open and closed stroke position is programmable to any dimension so that you can create a virtual endless array of hems. Additionally, the upper beam automatically clamps the tools: goat’s foot tools for boxes and pans, sharp tools for profiles, and radius tools for special applications.

The Lower Beam

Due to its deep box configuration the lower beam is designed for maximum resistance to deflection and for torsion free rigidity. This means high precision parts and longer machine life. The lower beam automatically adjusts for changes in material thickness, optimum bend radii and radius tool capabilities.

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