RAS GIGAbend Folding Machine

RAS GIGAbend Folding Machine

Never before in metal folding has power and speed been brought together so precisely. Power to bend thick materials and to close hems. Speed for higher throughput and perfect quality parts. If your business is folding metal chassis, covers, enclosures, boxes or cabinets, and you do not want to limit your design ideas by the capabilities of a machine, the RAS GIGAbend Folding Machine is the ideal metal folding system for you.

Benefits of the RAS GIGAbend Folding Machine

  • Integrated Backgauge and Sheet Support System
  • Touch screen control allows for easy part programming
  • Extreme resistance to deflection and torsion due to deep box design

What makes the GIGAbend so unique?

With an innovative 3-axes servohybrid drive system for the upper beam, the RAS engineering team again has set new standards in the metal folding market. The upper beam clamps the workpieces powerfully, quickly and dynamically. 120 metric tons (130 US tons) of clamping pressure – unheard of in a folding machine – insure that the RAS GIGAbend folding machine delivers more than adequate power for closing hems. Pure perfection is achieved with the intelligent folding beam crowning system. Integrated sensors measure the real beam deflection during bending and the intelligent crowning system automatically compensates for any unevenness. You focus on your parts and the machine does the rest!

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