RAS MultiBendCenter Folding Machine

RAS multibendcenter Folding Machine

If you want to produce complex sheet metal parts regardless of batch size, with incredible throughput, total flexibility, amazing accuracy, and total repeatability, the MultibendCenter will meet all of these demands. The RAS Multibend-Center continues to be the trend-setter within automated folding technology, using highly dynamic servo-motors, an ultra fast tool changer, scratch-free folding, innovative material flow components and flexible folding tools. Flexibility, speed and perfection have been the terms sheet metal specialists use to describe the remarkable Multibend-Center. The Multibend-Center offers limitless design flexibility and will produce unheard of part repeatability. Batch or Kit production, simple or complex parts – the Multibend-Cente

Benefits of the RAS MultiBendCenter Folding Machine

  • Flexibility to handle Batch or Kit Production
  • Ultra Fast Automatic Tool Changer
  • Accurate, Fast, Flexible Material Handling

With the patented 3D-motion control of the folding beam, the tool rolls away with the part. This results in scratch-free folding without any wear and tear on the tools. Design flexibility without limits! Generous free space around the tools and a 203 mm (8”) tool height are a quantum leap in your ability to create complex, highly profitable ”designer” parts.

  • Sensitive material surfaces
  • Closed profiles • Stand-offs
  • Internal bend in cut-outs
  • Radii of any size
  • Hems
  • Weld tabs
  • Small off-sets
  • Very small flanges
  • Hat profiles
  • Bends close to the part center
  • Last negative bends
  • Tapered parts

Versatile features for distinctive products!

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