RAS TURBObend Folding Machine

Perfectly suited for all roof and architectural profiles

RAS TURBObend Folding Machine

Designed for the roofing, architectural and metal construction markets, the RAS TURBObend folding machine is revolutionary for its technology and high speed axis movement. Many users refer to it as the most advanced, easy to use and most accurate folding machine they have ever used.

Benefits of the RAS TURBObend Folding Machine

  • Ergonomics designed for more operator control
  • Automatic Folding Beam Adjustment
  • Touch screen control allows for easy part programming

Machine components are engineered using Finite Element Analysis resulting in incomparable folding accuracy. A quick look at the deep folding beam and you see why the bends are incredibly straight and accurate. When material thickness changes, the machine adjusts automatically. The correct folding beam adjustments offer significantly better folding results and longer machine tool life. Do not compromise. Ultimately you earn your money with quality metal parts!

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