RAS TURBObend Plus Folding Machine

RAS TURBObend Plus Folding Machine

Now you can have it all: speed, flexibility, power and the added versatility for profiles and four sided boxes with the RAS TURBObend Plus Folding Machine. If you are in the architectural, roofing, metal construction, sign business, or simply need maximum flexibility in your job shop business, the TURBObend plus is the machine for you! You will be fascinated by the easy to use Touch&More control. With the revolutionary RAS programming system the operator simply uses his finger as a pencil. He draws a flange and sizes it with his finger to the right dimension and angle.

Benefits of the RAS TURBObend Plus Folding Machine

  • The Backgauge system allows one operator to run small or large parts
  • Touch screen control allows for easy part programming
  • Programmable upper clamping beam for open and closed hems

Automatic Programming

If you program on the shop floor, your finger is all you need. Simply paint a flange and size it to the right dimension and angle The Touch&More screen shows the finished part, simulates the folding sequence and shows whether the part can be folded or not. The CADalyzer automatically creates the program for most parts and shows the program, the finished part and the actual bend sequence all at one time.

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