RAS UPDownBend Folding Machine

No More Flipping Parts

RAS updowncenter Folding Machine

The RAS UpDownBend folding machine folds the part up and down and revolutionizes the entire folding sequence. This unique folding system reduces cycle times and eliminates the need for a second operator. State-of-the-art servodrive technology permits dynamic movements of the upper beam, folding beam and the gauging system. It underlines the strong-vital character of the UpDownBend.

Benefits of the RAS UpDownCenter Folding Machine

  • Material thickness and bend radius adjustment
  • Touch screen control allows for easy part programming
  • Automated folding sequences

Easy To Access

Easy to access With the telescoping gauging system paired with an upper beam shape that steeply angles upward, the operator has perfect access to the bend line and can handle small parts easily. At the same time, the gauging system keeps the operator a safe distance outside the folding area.

Perfect material Flow

The operator can place a stack of blanks next to the UpDownBend gauging system, pull the sheet into the machine, bend it and unload the finished part without lifting the workpiece. The load level, working plane and unload level are all the same height and allow perfect material flow without the assistance of a second operator. Optional ā€œJā€ or ā€œUā€ shape gauging systems perfectly support even the largest blanks.

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