RAS UpDownCenter Folding Machine

RAS updowncenter Folding Machine

The RAS UpDownCenter Folding Machine is the perfect solution for bending panels and boxes up to 3200 mm (126″) in length, 3 mm (11 Ga) thickness and 250 mm (10″) box height. Load and off you go! The operator squares the blank against stops then suction cups of the PosLift gauging system take over the part and position the workpiece for each bend. The UpDownCenter folds the part up and down. No flipping! No troublesome handling! The UpDownCenter automatically completes one side before the operator turns the blank to the next side.

The two tool changer gripper arms take the upper beam tool segments from the tool magazine and place them within a hundredth of a millimeter accuracy in the automatic upper beam. After a few seconds, the UpDownCenter is ready for the next part.

Benefits of the RAS UpDownCenter Folding Machine

  • PosLift gauging system positions the part for each bend
  • Automatic tool changer
  • Precision up and down folding

Multi-Touch Control

The 24″ multi-touch control is awesome! The user either creates the workpiece in 3D or imports a dxf, step or geo file. That’s it! Press a button and the 24″ multi-touch control programs the entire folding sequence including all tool changes automatically! If there are several ways to bend the part, the controller shows the alternatives and suggests a folding strategy. The operator can view the entire program sequence in 3D. He can view the folding sequence from the folding beam side or from the side of the PosLift gauging system. He can zoom into the simulation in order to see any detail

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