RAS XXL Center Folding Machine

XXL-Center: Long Folding Center

RAS XXL Center Folding Machine

Does this sound familiar? Your bread and butter is in long parts, but bending them requires two, maybe three operators. The floor space in your factory is shrinking. On the other hand the effort and cost to handle sometimes complicated profiles has become increasingly expensive.

The solution is called RAS XXL-Center!

The operator draws the profile of the multi-touch screen. The software automatically programs the part and suggests several folding strategies. The operator selects a folding sequence and the control simulates the entire program run in either a 2D or 3D view. After having starting the program, the load tables move out of the machine and the operator comfortably loads the sheet metal blank. An operator simply loads the workpiece and then unloads the folded part.

Benefits of the RAS XXL-Center Folding Machine

  • Upper and lower folding beam
  • Touch screen control allows for easy part programming
  • Loading tables ease the loading process

Mechanical Drive System

This XXL-Center uses no hydraulics. Instead, regulated AC-motors bring power and speed to the entire system. Forget about oil leaks, uneven clamping, inconsistent hems or even over stressed machine components. On the eight meter machines high-resolution absolute encoders synchronize the left and right hand machine components electronically. The drive concept is responsible for the exact parallel motion of all beams. XXL technology guaranteeing extremely straight bends and consistent programmable hems!

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