Wellsaw Special Purpose Saws

special purpose saw

Model 1338-13″ x 38″ capacity

Ideal for cutting gratings, sheet metal fabrications,
plastic laminates and similar light to
medium density materials which demand
great saw capacity. Many features include
variable speed drive and hydraulic feed control
to adapt to your special sawing requirements.

special purpose saw

Model 1316S
Swivel Head Miter Bandsaw

A true swivel head, the 1316S is a hydraulic
feed, hinge type, mitering band saw. It adjusts
quickly and accurately from 90° to 30° (0° to
60°) with no need to swing the stock or adjust
the vise jaws. The 1316S will cut a 13” round at
90°, 10.5“ at 45°, and 8” at 30°. It’s very easy to
use, making it ideal for jobs requiring frequent
angle changes. All the features of our model
1118 plus the versatility of a swiveling head.

special purpose saw

New Upgraded Version-
Model 12-20G Trim Saw
capacities to 78″ high x 85″ wide

For the really big jobs! The 12-20G is ideal for
any large capacity, medium density job. It will
cut a wide variety of materials with a maximum
cut-off length of 33.75″. Now with 7.5
HP blade motor, variable speed, and Cone
Drive® gearbox. Flood coolant system

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