4 Roll Plate Bending Machines

Davi Plate Bending 4R MCA Series

Davi plate benders

The MCA model plate bender is the right machine for a wide range of applications from ultra-light gauges to thicker applications the Davi MCA plate roll will deliver high performances and high reliability. It is accurate, user friendly, fast and represents the best available on the market today.

Benefits of 4 roll Davi “MCA” plate bender

  • Full hydraulic movements (instead of manual or, in the best of the cases, mechanical movements)
  • Multiple Independent Hydraulic Motors (instead of single gear-box, chains and belts)
  • Automatic Surface Speed Compensation (vs. low efficient frictions)
  • Pinch Pressure Control (vs. not controlled pinch)

Davi Plate Bending 4R MCB Series

Davi plate bender

Features of the MCB Series

  • Easy to prebend perfect shells: prebending is performed horizontally, single phase to close a shell, no handling at all of the plate.
  • Single phase Sequence The four roll is the only plate bender with the ability to finish a shell in one only pass (on reduced capacity): ONE only position for each side bender, ONE only AUTOMATIC squaring, NO handling AT ALL of the plate.
  • Squaring Automatic and instantaneous performed against the real hydraulic back-gauge forth roll.
  • Plate feeding The plate is ALWAYS firmly hydraulically clamped between the two clamping rolls (perfect control at ANY TIME).

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