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Hossfeld Iron Benders

Hossfeld Iron Bender

Hossfeld benders have stood the test of time. These rugged and versatile benders are the favorites of job shops, weld shops, maintenance departments, race car professionals and hobbyists, farm operations, contractors and others. Ideal for artists, sculptors, vo-tech and metalwork programs, and much more. They are completely versatile. Set-ups are quick and easy – NO WRENCHES NEEDED!

Hossfeld Products

  • No. 2 Bender – A larger capacity machine able to be equipped for power operation
  • No. 1 Bender – A smaller machine ideal for hand operation
  • Hydraulic Power Attachment For No. 2 Bender – Compact, auxiliary power unit makes heavy bends easy
  • No. 2 School Bender Package – For Industrial and Vocational School Shops
  • Standard Die Sets – Over 150 standard dies for all common bends

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