Vacuum Lifters – Anvers

ANVER, a worldwide leader in vacuum material handling technology, offers a complete range of vacuum lifters and vacuum lifting equipment. Self-powered mechanical vacuum lifters, electric and air-powered vacuum lifters are all available in lifting capacities ranging up to 60,000 lb (26,600 kg) or more depending on your needs.


Types of Vacuum Lifters

  • Self-Powered Mechanical Vacuum Lifters
  • Modular Powered
  • Standard Power tilters
  • Light Air Powered Lifters
  • E-Z Tilt Vertical-Horizontal Lifters
  • Powered Tilters with Foam Pads
  • Heavy Duty Lifters
  • Powered Tilters with Rotation
  • Vertical Vacuum Lifters
  • Lifters for Stone Industry
  • Side Grip Lifters
  • Cylindrical Loads
  • Coil Lifters
  • Battery Powered Lifters
  • Manual Tilters
  • Remote Frames
  • Special Large Lifters
  • Mobile Attachments

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