Waterjet Cutting Machines


The PG-14 Series Gantry Cutting Machines from ALLtra provide the ultimate solution to a wide variety of cutting widths and lengths. Some believe that smaller gantries with lighter workloads can be made from light materials and cheaper components. With ALLtra’s machines, their 4’ wide machines are built to the same standards their much larger machines.. The PG-14 Series provides solutions for cutting and marking on cutting widths from 4’ to 14’.

Quality Construction

Even at a glance, the quality and durability of this industrial grade machine is evident. With 1/2″ thick reinforced carbon steel beam machined to our tolerances at the American-based ALLtra facility, the PG-14 includes features that competitors offer only as expensive options. Covered linear ways, gantry heat and splatter shield and custom CNC and power-track positions all are part of the comprehensive system delivery that includes ‘ground up’ installation, all with the best service reputation in the industry.


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