Murata 50 Ton Turret Punching Machines

Vectrum 5058 CNC Turret Punch Press

Vectrum 5058 Turret Punch Press

The Vectrum-5058 is a heavy-duty servo hydraulic CNC turret punch press, which incorporates Muratec’s servo hydraulic cylinder that allows the operator to set the desired punching speed and positioning of the ram for greater punching control. The Vectrum-5058 turret punch press provides 50 tons of punching force and enables stable high quality processing of thicker worksheets with low noise operation.

Turret Punch Press Features & Options

  • Rigid frame design enables stable high quality punching
  • Can process 5′ x 10′, 10 mm thick worksheet
  • Quiet punching due to optimized control of ram speed
  • Positive Punch-In, Pull-Out tooling system
  • Conversational operation system
  • 54-Station large turret
  • Tapping device (Option)
Vectrum 5058 Turret Punch Press Specifications
Turret Punch Press Punching capacity 45 Ton [50 US Ton]
Maximum sheet thickness 10 mm[0.394″]
Maximum sheet size puncheable

without repositioning (Y x X)

1525 mm x 2500 mm

[60.04″ x 98.43″]

Hit rate Punching: 25 mm [0.984″] pitch 220 HPM
Nibbling: 1 mm [0.039″] pitch 360 HPM
Punching accuracy +/- 0.15 mm[+/- 0.006″]

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