Turret Automation F1G Series

F1G 1250

Cell Loader F1G-1250 and F1G-1500

Muratec’s F1G-Series Cell loader is a proven cell system with more than 200 installations worldwide.

This economical load/unload system can increase the production of a single stand alone punch press by 100%. The raw material table and finished product table are loaded and unloaded at the front of the system by fork truck or overhead crane. Same side load/unload frees up the operator side for maintenance and manual operation.

F1G-Series Cell loaders are popular for compact design, quieter system operation, multiple stack operation to cater non-standard parts and the latest technology FMS dedicated controller.

F1G Main Specifications
Specifications F1G 1250 F1G 1500
Blank Sheet Size (Maximum) 4′ X 8′[1250mm X 2500MM]
4′ X 10′ [1250mm X 3050mm]
5′ X 10′ [1525mm X 3050mm]
Sheet Thickness 0.024″ – 0.177″ [0.6mm – 4.5mm] 0.024″ – 0.125″ [0.6mm – 3.2mm]
Sheet Weight (Maximum) 242 lbs. [110 kgs.] 265 lbs. [120 kgs.]
Stack Weight (Maximum) 2.2 tons [2.0 metric tons] 2.2 tons [2.0 metric tons]
Stack Height (Maximum) 10.2″ [260mm] 10.2″ [260mm]

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